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The Weekly NFT Drop: April 17-23

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Apr 17th, 2023


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Source: Seaport Subject / Botto, RoboRamen / Berkawi and Ojee
It's no secret that crypto and NFTs move fast.
With countless projects launching every month, it's hard to avoid the full force of FOMO. New projects, events, collaborations, and even aggregators pop up every day, making it easy to fall behind.
Well, not anymore: We've devised a simple way to save you time on Discord and Twitter every week, with's The Weekly NFT Drop.


Maker: Berkawi and Ojee
Type: 3,333 unique NFTs
The Drop: April 17, 2023
Scene: Solana
The 360: The artists behind the project, Berkawi and Ojee, have worked for major brands including Apple, Netflix, Disney, and most recently, Yuga Labs. These art collectibles bring together the delicious allure of ramen and the innovative spirit of technology in a project that aims to push the boundaries of what a PFP project can accomplish.

Seaport Subject by Botto

Maker: Botto
Type: Edition of 10
The Drop: April 18, 2023 at 1:00 PM ET
Scene: Verse
The 360: Botto is a decentralized autonomous artist that has spurred an exciting experiment in community-driven creativity. Each week, the AI artist generates several images that the Botto community votes on. The best image is finished and minted as an NFT. The image in “Seaport Subject” was one of Botto’s early works that was a fast favorite, but never got minted as an NFT. “Seaport Subject” will be the first artwork by Botto that is not minted as a 1/1, marking an important shift in the artist’s oeuvre.

Starbucks Odyssey

Maker: Starbucks
Type: Journey Stamps (NFTs)
The Drop: April 19, 2023 at 9:00 AM ET (6:00 AM ET early access)
The 360: This week, Starbucks officially enters the realm of Web3 with its newest rewards program. Members will be able to participate in mini activities called "Journeys" that, once completed, will earn the user a Journey Stamp, or NFT. This program aims to reward the customers who have been a part of the previous Starbucks loyalty program and will make the experience ever more interactive and beneficial than before. Currently there is a waitlist to join the beta.

Code Lawless

Maker: Code Lawless
Type: Open edition (72 hours)
The Drop: April 20, 2023 at 10:00 AM ET (according to FAQ page)
The 360: This project is the first major project from Ponderware since the release of MoonCat Rescue back in 2017. The project has two phases. The first, happening Thursday, April 20, is the initial transponder mint, and the second phase is a character mint that will happen in early May. Transponders will live in a sci-fi city that has fallen into decay.


Maker: Wildcard
Type: 1/1
The Drop: April 20, 2023
Scene: Polygon
The 360: Wildcard is an interactive Web3 card game where collectors can own characters and eventually battle with them as the game rolls out. Other members of the ecosystem will also be able to eventually watch these battles play out in real-time, providing a game experience that includes active gameplay and viewership.

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