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The Weekly NFT Drop: April 1-7

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Apr 4th, 2023


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Upstate Summer and Intelligenz NFTs, side by side. Source: LoVid / Intelligenz
It's no secret that crypto and NFTs move fast.
With countless projects launching every month, it's hard to avoid the full force of FOMO. New projects, events, collaborations, and even aggregators pop up every day, making it easy to fall behind.
Well, not anymore: We've devised a simple way to save you time on Discord and Twitter every week, with's The Weekly NFT Drop.

INTELLENZ by Allan Linder

Intelligenz (1)
The Drop: April 1st
Scene: Foundation
The 360: Allan Linder is an award-winning painter, sculptor, illustrator, and writer who has exhibited works throughout the world. The Intelligenz collection is an artistic expression of the physical body and the kinetic energy within that plays with themes of transformation and astral projection. The winner of the NFT Design Award, Linder’s work shows promise after a successful 25-year run in the traditional art world.

SL/CE by Stranger in the Q

Maker: Stranger in the Q
Type: 360 1/1 artworks
The Drop: April 3 1:00 PM ET
Scene: Art Blocks
The 360: Each unique work is generated by the artist’s algorithm that “slices” shapes into pieces and then assigns a color to each new form. Each artwork is then put to the “bad composition detector” which then determines whether the quality of the work is good enough to go to mint. Stranger in the Q’s previous drop on Art Blocks, a 777-piece collection called “Tentura” sold out and has a floor price of .066 ETH.


The Drop: April 3 at 5:00 PM ET
Scene: OpenSea
The 360: This is a narrative-driven PFP project that follows the story of Earth-dwelling animals who have utilized technology to fast-forward their evolution and take over the world. Working within the walk-cycle genre, this project invites collectors to swap traits and explore the new world.

“Upstate Summer” by LoVid

Maker: LoVid
The Drop: April 5, 1:00 PM EST
Scene: Verse
The 360: LoVid is a multidisciplinary artist duo who works with electrical engineering, generative algorithms, textiles, stain glass, video, performance, and more. Their generative NFT works have been released on Art Blocks Curated and their videos are distributed by EAI. Their most recent drop on Art Blocks, a collection of 400 pieces called “Tide Predictor” sold out and has a floor price of 0.4 ETH.

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