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Immutable Holdings Founder and CEO, Jordan Fried

Jordan Fried

Feb 16th, 2023


3 min read isn’t just a home for NFTs. We’re also a home for you.
We love the Internet. Everything about it. We grew up with it and we’ve watched it evolve.
The Internet, however, is not perfect…
For too long we’ve contributed user generated content to the World Wide Web without tools to properly assign credit for all of these amazing creations. Memes, music, jpegs, gifs, short films and full blown features. Internet users are there to provide commentary, comic relief for pain, and support in times of tragedy. Simply put: The Internet is undefeated.
We built to make the Internet better. We want to empower you and users everywhere to take back ownership of your content, creations, and identity. As we spend more time connected to one another through the Internet, it’s important we value users who contribute most to it. The best days of the Internet are still ahead of us. will make sure of it.
Today, we are announcing the public beta of so that you can create your NFT Profile and begin your collection. is the first web3-native platform to provide you with both a decentralized social identity and NFT marketplace wherever NFTs are listed. NFTs have risen to prominence due to the communities they build online.
However, the platforms built to access these communities are complex, fragmented, and absent of true social identity. will allow you to discover, buy, and sell NFTs wherever those NFTs exist. It will do so while also allowing you to create your own unique social profiles for promoting their NFT collections while accessing lower trading fees, direct NFT offers, and access to exclusive promotions and drops.

NFT Profiles, which are themselves NFTs, act as an access pass to the NFT ecosystem. You get lower trading fees, exclusive features, and your own customizable social profile to showcase your NFTs.
NFT Profiles can represent an NFT collection, giving creators more creative control over how their NFTs are displayed.
Like Amazon Prime, NFT Profiles enable you to grow your NFT collection without needing to worry about excessive marketplace fees.
You will also get access to unique features on like the ability to engage with other Profile holders, make offers on unlisted NFTs, and more over time.
You will pay an annual fee to maintain your profile ownership in the system and continue to garner value from membership.
Your NFT Profile is a customizable social profile that allows you to buy and sell NFTs with no fees. What’s not to love?

The Marketplace is open to both NFT Profile holders and non-NFT Profile holders to buy and sell NFTs without relying on a centralized intermediary to take custody of funds or NFTs.
You can list NFTs with your preferred auction type whether that's fixed price, decreasing price, or other soon to be released auction models.
Fixed price listings specify the fixed price a seller would take to sell their NFT.
Decreasing price auctions specify a start price, end price, and duration such that the price a seller would take for their NFT decreases at a constant ratio over the course of the duration.
The NFT can be easily discovered through search, Discover, the collection page, or your NFT Profile. Buyers can select the NFT they want to purchase (or a batch of NFTs) and submit their offer to buy now or participate in an auction.
As an initial launch promotion, NFT Profile holders will be able to use the marketplace with no fees during the public beta.

The Marketplace also includes a marketplace aggregator so that you can buy and sell through third party marketplaces such as Opensea, LooksRare, and X2Y2.
This means that you no longer need to choose a single marketplace for every sale. You have a one-stop-shop for buying and selling NFTs wherever they are listed, through does not add any additional fee to these third party marketplaces to ensure that you get the same experience as using them directly.

The Discover page on provides a single interface for you to explore Collections, NFTs, and Profiles that you are interested in or want to uncover in the first place. Users are able to see all listings across supported marketplaces in a single place.
You can add filters to customize price, location, duration, collection and more to route to NFTs or collections that align to your buyer profile. You can also see leaderboards across each category based on trading volume, adoption, and growth to help identify new collections which may be trending shortly. provides you a one-stop shop for building your NFT collection. Your NFT Profile provides a customizable social profile that allows you to buy NFTs through lower marketplace fees.
Get started with the public beta today by creating your profile at
Welcome to the one-stop shop for creators and collectors alike.
Get started with the public beta today by creating your Profile at

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