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Finding the right NFT community for you - A beginners guide -

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Alec Otto

Nov 8th, 2022


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Thousands of NFT collections have unique communities ranging from meme-fueled chaotic chat rooms to organized forums for education and professional networking.
This article will walk you through what these communities are all about, and how to find the right community for you.

The importance of community in NFTs?

Community is a core part of the NFT space.
Fans and holders of an NFT collection are a driving force of a project’s culture, popularity, awareness, and success.
Successful NFT projects understand that a thriving and active community enables continued growth and interest as a project develops.
NFT creators can return value to their members by crafting moderated community forums to promote culture, networking, and high level discussions. There can be great value in access to a group of like-minded individuals who are enthusiastic about the industry and the projects they support.
Web3 is proving that the relationship between company and community can be a symbiotic one, providing significant value for each other when nurtured.

Different types of NFT communities & their goals

Many communities start simply as a home for collectors and enthusiasts of a given collection, however some communities have a specific focus or purpose.


Profile picture NFTs (PFPs) and similarly large collections of 1,000+ NFTs often focus on the social interaction in their community. They may have additional goals, but generally the networking and interconnectedness of community members is top of mind for these projects.
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Some NFT communities are focused specifically around creating and collecting art. These communities often congregate around a curator or a curated collection. Generative Art is a popular and fascinating area of focus for many NFT art communities. Generative art is artwork created procedurally by code, rather than each piece being created by an individual, and has proven to be a popular method for creating larger NFT collections.
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As long as there have been games, there have been gaming communities. This holds true in the web3 gaming space as well. There are new web3 enabled games coming out all the time, and they tend to have a Discord server you can join to meet other players. These communities focus on fun and user feedback to improve the game.
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Projects (DAO, Opensource, etc)

Some initiatives within the NFT space have a directed and focused goal. These projects may start with just a few people, but are carried to greater heights by the collective effort of their community.
DAO’s or “Decentralized Autonomous Organizations” are token-gated communities where token holders participate in governance. Members can submit a proposal for the organization to take actions, and holders vote on if they should execute the proposal.
OpenSource communities are loosely organized groups of people who contribute to a single specific project (usually development or code related.) Membership to these communities are not gated, and anyone can collaborate and contribute to them. These communities are often centered around things like open-sourced marketplaces for NFTs or web3 open-source software.
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Some communities even participate in collective marketing efforts or experimentation in a particular area of focus. These communities can help to provide decentralized marketing, real-time suggestions, and critical feedback.

Examples of NFT communities

There are thousands of NFT communities to explore, each with different requirements to join.
Let’s take a look at a few leading NFT projects and their communities:

1. Doodles

Doodles is a community-driven collectibles project featuring colorful artwork by Burnt Toast. Each Doodle allows its owner to vote for experiences and activations paid for by the Doodles Community Treasury.

2. Moonbirds

Moonbirds are a 10,000 piece utility-enabled, PFP (profile picture) collection of owls with an exclusive holders-only Discord community. Holders have the ability to stake their NFTs and receive rewards. The Moonbirds community is home to a number of web3 industry people, and provides excellent networking.

3. is a community driven NFT platform with a token gated section of its Discord community called the “Genesis Key Club” or GKC.
The “Genesis Key Club” is made up of early adopters who hold a Genesis Key NFT. Genesis Key holders receive early access to the platform, they’re the first to create profiles and are directly involved in beta testing and the development process of as a platform. provides organized feedback channels to intake suggestions and feedback to hone the platform more closely to the needs and desires of the GKC.

4. LinksDAO

LinksDAO is a golf focused DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization.) The DAO is focused on bringing real world benefits to members through partnerships with golf brands, and even purchasing a network of global golf courses! They elevate their communities experience through a focused mission, and a community of like minded golf fans.

5. Tableland

Tableland is a community centered around their web3 protocol for structured relational data (useful for dynamic NFTs). Their collection is geared towards NFT developers and rewards builders and community members of the Tableland network.

6. NounsDao

Lastly, NounsDAO is an art based NFT project that automatically generates and auctions off 1 of their NFTs every 24 hours. Each NFT grants access to the DAO itself.
The majority of the proceeds from the NFTs sold are distributed to a DAO-controlled fund.DAO members can then create and vote on proposals to decide how to use the funds.

How to join an NFT community

The most common place for NFT communities to congregate in 2021-2022 has proven to be Discord. Discord is a text and voice based community forum platform with a high degree of customization, making it perfect for organized community discussion.
Those venturing into the web3 space should set up a Discord account to take full advantage of the community access many NFTs provide.
A-FTRNCFY-discord home
Most NFT projects will have social links on their official website. Look for the Discord logo on official NFT project websites to locate a Discord community invite link.
A-FTRNCFY-discord logo

Find the community that is right for you

Finding the right community for you is a subjective experience.
The best community is one that excites you! Look for a community that makes you feel like a welcome participant.
Some NFT collections focus on new technology, while others may focus on culture, art, or networking. The goal, mission, and art of an NFT project are great indicators of what their respective community may be like.
A-FTRNCFY-discover page

Final thoughts:

It is important to consider what you hope to get out of your membership in an NFT community.
You will ultimately get as much out of a community as you put in. So make sure to join a community that you are excited to participate in.

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